Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Tile cleaning can be one of the most taxing jobs in the household.

Getting down on your knees to scrub that tile can be a thing of the past if you call Pile’s.WE know that you’ve tried everything to get that grout clean and it just won’t budge.That is because grout is a pores material which means that dirt and grime are easily sucked into it and trapped.Thankfully we at Piles Carpet Care have several solutions to this age old problem. Hot water extraction is the key. instead of letting that dirty mop or swiffer water sit on the tile and grout and dry just as dirty as when you started we extract it using one of our powerful truck mounted systems. Sometimes however even the hot water extraction just isn’t enough to combat the years of staining taking place on some floors.we have an amazing solution for that as well! Its called Color Sealant and it is truely a game changer! it can change the entire look of a floor. when there is no cleaning the grout and making it look any better Color sealant makes the grout look new again here is the best part.It turns your dirt sucking pores floor into a non pores, stain proof material that lasts for literally years. So stop all the knee busting hard work and give us a call

Tile cleaning

When you hire Piles Carpet Care to clean your tile we start by measuring the area and giving you the dollar amount of the project before we start. Apon agreeing on a price our techs get right to work vacuuming the area to be cleaned extracting any large debris that could potentially damage the floor. 

Then the tech will spray the proper solution needed to get the floor looking its best and let it sit on the floor for a few minutes to make sure it has time to loosen up the build up.

Using a buffer or a hand scrubber the tech will then go over the entire area to be cleaned making sure to hit every spot to the best of his or her ability.

Finally after the entire area has been scrubbed the tech will use one of our high pressure systems to rinse and extract the chemical from the floor leavuing it looking its very Best!

Color Seal

   When the grout looks like it will never look good again we have the ultimate solution. Our color sealant adheres to your existing dingy grout and turns it back to its original state.

    Apon agreeing on a price the process of getting started is similar to cleaning your tile.as a matter of fact we do clean it. The color seal is applied after the grout lines are completely dry. At this point the tech will begin applying the color seal to the grout lines. This product dries very quickly and lasts for a very long time so its important to choose a color that you are happy with.

 After the tech is done applying the sealant he or she will clean the tile of any residue left behind by the product finally unveiling a practically brand new floor!


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